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Mobile marketing apps for your Craft Brew Business!

Why Every Brewer (and Distiller) Needs a Mobile App

  • A mobile app is designed to engage your customers and fans in ways never before possible
  • Connect with your crowd instantly and effortlessly - every one of them or just those in a certain area using geo-fences
  • Your app is always live, always fresh, always engaging and always compelling
  • Reward your customers with a loyalty rewards program built right into your app where you have full control
  • Integrated food ordering system is available for your brew pub or restaurant
  • From instant notifications to scheduled events, from social media to the freshest content whether your style is audio, video or the written word
  • Built-in tools allow awesome two-way communication; audio, photo, video and social 
  • Mobile technology is where you meet your savviest fans ... and a mobile app from CraftBrewApps by Media That Moves is how you do it.
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The world has truly gone mobile and the world of craft brewing and distilling has not escaped this trend. While we all like to chill a bit with a great glass of something craft brewed in one hand, we almost always have a smart phone in the other. 

Your customers ... you future ... is mobile. Is your business?
The focus in small business today is the attraction of new customers and the engagement and retention of current ones.

No where is that more true than in the exploding craft brewing segment. 

How do you differentiate yourself from the great competition out there and how do you keep people coming back. Great beer is obviously the main focus. But staying front-of-mind is a very close second.

You focus on the beer. We'll focus on leveraging very cost-effective mobile technologies to keep those customers coming back time and time again.
Craft Brew Apps by Media That Moves Is
The Official App of TAP® NY
and the Hudson Valley Beer & Food Festival

Your best customers have your finest brew in one hand and their smart phone in the other.

A mobile app is a proven way to engage your customers, your fans, with the hand not holding the beer. At CraftBrewApps, our only focus is on helping you build your brand, engage with your fan base and drive more revenue to your bottom line. The possibilities in a mobile app are truly boundless ... with many ways to drive awareness of your products and drive customers with promotions, events and creative offers. 

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Craft Brew Apps are for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, pubs, 
retailers and craft beer businesses of just about every kind. 
There's no better way to engage and retain your craft brew customers!

What We Do

We work with all facets of the craft beer industry where engagement and retention contribute strongly to the bottom line. From in-app menus and food ordering to scratch-and-win games and from loyalty programs to push notifications, we give today's craft beer business owner a tool unlike any other when it comes to engaging your very best customers. 
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